Excursion day

Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft.
Hatvan, Robert Bosch str, 3000

Do you want to see a supplying process, which got the IT innoviation price inside the Bosch group this year? If yes, then please visit our iFNS where we can show you

  • a really sexy logistical solution
  • which use those kind of IT solutions and methods, which sures
  • tracebility in the whole supply chain
  • paperless booking
  • and a partly automatized material flow

which is total unique in the whole Bosch group.

The whole procedure will be shown by those colleagues, who take part in the implementation. Of course you can have a short look in one of the biggest automotive electronics plant in the world (in Bosch this is the biggest one). If someone is listening well, can give us some hints, how can we improve our complex procedure in the future.